2015.09.08 // The Perfect Storm

Cheesy title, accurate description. We're currently working on three full-lengths, an EP, and a handful of singles across half a dozen artists. This month will cool down a little, and we'll start booking out like crazy, but keep your eyes and ears open for new samples coming up soon!

2015.08.01 // More Beautification

Over the last week, we inherited a ton (not literally, but it was a lot) of wood flooring from a friend, and after some careful planning (a slow afternoon and spur of the moment thoughts), applied a new floor to the "live room" here at Clarity! The result is a gorgeous wood veneer floor to spruce up an already improved live tracking environment! Things are looking GREAT!

Special thanks to Dan Thale for the weekend of manual labor on the floor and painting an adjacent vocal room! :)

2015.06.20 // Calm Before the Storm

Everybody Knows heads back into the studio today to start drum tracking on a new full-length album! Two full-lengths in two years, and at Clarity Recordings no less. Busy little beasts. Couldn't be more excited to see what's in store!

2015.06.03 // Cosmetics & Percussion

We've made some huge improvements to the visual presentation of the live room (read: garage) and we're not done yet! We're treating part of the room with acoustic filler, and we're placing a handful of folding baffles around to dampen reflections as needed. Things are looking good at Clarity!

Our first live room performance comes from our friends Just in Case. They'll be getting started on their 13-song full-length album with Clarity setting the mood via drum tones and tracking! We'll keep an eye on their progress to get those songs posted when they're done with the rest of the process! :)

2015.05.05 // Acoustic & Hip Hop

Relatively low-key month coming up at Clarity. On the books so far, we've got a couple different hip hop acts swinging through to lay down vocals and get some mastering done, and we've got our good friend Ilya Shatov tracking a handful of acoustic songs he's been working on the past year. Check out the calendar to the right, and if we've got an opening where you fit in, contact us! Let's keep it rolling! :)
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