2011.09.12 // Updated Music Resume, Gear List

My music section is now full stocked and dressed to impress. Everything you've ever wanted to know about my projects, and any of the services or musical interests I offer and bring to the table can be found there! I'm wide open to work on new projects and write, so hit me up and let's collaborate!

I've also recently picked up some new recording toys, and will soon be opening my schedule for recording projects. Rates will be starting at $100/day for guitar and bass tracking. At this time, I won't be recording drums, but will offer my microphone selection up for vocal tracking for pre-production and high-end demos. If you're looking to track for a release, I'd suggest checking out Sushifish Recording Studio. Tell Matty that Stereo Sean sent you. :)

2011.08.08 // New Website, New Direction

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new site. As you can see, I've decided to start a side-company to focus on all of the projects that don't quite fit the corporate image. Design, development, and everything music related in my life. I love being allowed to put my own personal spin and flavor into a project, and everything featured on this site is something that has allowed me to express myself artistically, or that was just fun to create. You'll find examples of my design abilities and a complete rundown of my musical career here, as well as in-depth explanations of the services I provide.

Get in touch with me if you need some work done! I'd love to work with you. :)
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My schedule for the next three months. Booked dates may be partial, so double check with me if you're unsure.
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