About Stereo Sean

Hey there, I'm Stereo Sean. I'm a nerdy intellectual web geek who doubles
as a career musician and songwriter. I like Mountain Dew, Clif bars, and red meat.
I reside in San Diego, CA for most of the year. I was born here and probably won't
be moving any time soon.

Design Background

I've been programming VCRs since age three, and using the internet since it was invented. I got into web coding and graphic design for fun in middle school in the mid 90's, and I've been going strong ever since.

Somewhere in the midst of high school I decided that I wanted to do this for a living, and almost overnight I had a career. I am 100% self-taught without any outside education in programming or design, but my quick-learning abilities combined with a lot of boredom and downtime in high school allowed me to learn programming languages like I would be speaking them to save my own life, and to learn design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator inside and out.

I've worked for a couple of web firms, which included both corporate / commercial clientelle and non-profit organizations. I was a leader of the creative team for a local firm before I was able to legally drink, and even without a real technical education, I've displayed proficiency with nearly every web application and language I've attempted.

I prefer to code with PHP and jQuery, using MySQL for database utilities and CSS for anything design oriented. I generally use Photoshop and Illustrator to plot out the overall design of a site, and build content from there. I do my best to avoid Flash wherever possible, but do have relatively good knowledge of the program and Actionscript should the need arise.

I take massive amounts of pride in my meticulous design nature and attention to detail, and in being an extremely organized coder. I'm creative, I'm logical, and I like to make sure my clients are satisfied and getting everything they want and expect from my services.

Musical Background

Musically, I grew up around an incredibly musical family including a mother whose musical knowledge was beyond intimidating. She studied at the Royal Academy for Musical Excellence in London. Like I said, intimidating. Nevertheless, I was playing piano by age 5, guitar by age 12, and writing songs of my own by age 13. Since then, I've been writing, performing, touring, and surrounding myself with everything music. It is my life outside of graphic and web design.

I've been singing since 2002 and have never taken a vocal lesson. I have a natural ear for melody and harmonies, and love to add layers to music as I'm listening along. I also write and compose electronica and dance songs in my spare time. Composing drums is something I've come to enjoy a lot! Time to teach myself to play them too!

I play music for myself and those who enjoy what I create. Fame and fortune would be enjoyable and great, but ultimately, I just need my music and a few good friends. Everything else is just a bonus.


Aside from all of that, I'm a fairly normal dude. I like video games and baseball, and enjoy good food. I live a straight-edge lifestyle for the most part, but caffeine is my vice. I get by on four to six hours of sleep a night, and my mind is always racing a mile a minute. I'm a philosopher. An analyst of the world. A dreamer.

What else do you need to know? Let's make some art!